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KHF Support to the Karakorum Heritage Foundation

Mongolia is a deeply rooted Nation with a millennia –old-culture that boasts a rich way-of-living strongly related to the nomadic way of life that has prevailed into the modern age. It is a free, strong and sensitive Nation, with an avid thirst for life and development. It seeks to adapt and reconcile its recent access to the market economy with its deep rooting in the ancestral nomadic culture. Due to its vertiginous growth, its Capital attracts an increasing number of nomadic people, yet, it only offers precarious employment and disappointing living standards in the outlying districts.

In this context, the Karakorum Heritage Foundation, with the support of the ICARE Foundation, works on creating a synergy between urban and nomadic farmers based on a socio-economic and cultural interdependence geared towards supporting the harmonious and modern development of Mongolia within the respect for the Mongolian nomadic culture and traditions.

Amongst its actions, the Karakorum Heritage Foundation conducts technological studies to improve the conditions of Mongolian farmers’ life and farming.


More specifically, amoungst the activities you can support:

- ZORA 1: supportive program dedicated to Yak farmers in the d’Arhangay province through the setting up of a pilot basis scheme
- ZORA 2: supportive program dedicated to reindeers herders in the Khövsgöl province through the setting up of a pilot basis scheme
- ZORA 3: supportive program dedicated to horse breeders in the Khentii province through the setting up of a pilot basis scheme.

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