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Academics partnerships and programs

The ICARE Foundation wishes to develop and implement partnerships with universities and research groups with proven expertise in the field.


Conferences and workshops

The Foundation will host and support Conferences and Workshop aiming to:

- discuss the current problems, issues and challenges raised by the promotion of cultural heritage,
- clear lines of debate and define concrete actions geared towards to the key actors - stakeholders and interlocutors -in the promotion of cultural heritage and regional art,
- identify its forthcoming opportunities and challenges.


The UTOPIA program

The UTOPIA program is a new local cultural discovery concept combining both tourist hospitality (accommodation, tour, etc.) and apprenticeship activities about the site’s values, following closely the idea of 'slow life '. Through this initiative, the ICARE Foundation hopes to promote local practices from areas in which we live, their way of living, their heritage and expertise, based on the idea of constant research into a place of well-being both adapted to our times and locally deep-rooted.

More specifically, the UTOPIA program is presently developing a main "Foundation essence" and regional supportive between Canton centers.

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