In Sahel

Ibtissam: Association acting towards the return of cultural stability in Sahel

The Ibtissam Association, in partnership with the ICARE Foundation, works on the return of cultural stability to Sahel. 

IIts involvement in designing and implementing solutions to bring together Sahelian peoples includes humanitarian actions, mediations and contributions to restoration and conservation of religious buildings or cultural symbols, damaged or destroyed by fundamentalism (e.g. Timbuktu’s mausoleums and library).

Amoungst the specific activities you can support:

- IBTI 0: Mediation and intercommunity dialogue in Mali
- IBTI 1: Restoration of mausoleums in Mali
- IBTI 2: Protection and restoration of ancient manuscripts in Mali
- IBTI 3: Inter-community training Center for “skills development” in RCA.

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