What are the benefits for you?
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Supporting us will benefit you, your organization or your business in a number of ways.

Depending on the level of your support, in return, you will receive:

- Regular individual follow-up on the progress of the project or projects you are supporting

- Visits to the project or projects you support

- With your agreement, to be credited on ICARE Foundation website and Annual report

- Public acknowledgement at important occasions, such as seminars, speeches and conferences.

- Invitations to cultural and business development events we organize and co-organize.


Contact us for more information.


How can you support our work?

- By funding a specific project (ZORA projects from 1 to 3, IBTI projects from 1 to 4, XXXX projects 1)

- By donating to ICARE Foundation (foundation running, seminars and events)

- By entering into a long-term partnership to collaborate on projects.